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104km cycling event starting from Warmley, Bristol. Controls at Cranmore, Cheddar and The Hollybush, Bridgeyate., plus 2 information controls.

Enjoy the Somerset countryside with a good sprinkling of #wills_hills as you make your way past Cranmore Station before along The Mendips and down to Cheddar and Gorge, on some cheese?

Interactive map available through corresponding event in web link. ============================================================ As with the longer Chalke & hAAArd Cheese 203km you head out from Warmley Station along the Bristol to Bath Railway Path, take a quieter route in Bath to Odd Down before vaulting over valleys where tracks diverge as you head towards East Somerset Railway, stopping at Cranmore Memorial Hall for CAKE! Coupling up with the longer route you continuing up and atop The Mendips before descending to Cheddar for some cheese then, you guessed it, ascending its mighty Gorge to traverse The Mendips to the Chew Valley and on to the Arrivée. The start is easily accessible from Bristol on bike via the Railway Path. There is a small free car park with height barrier. All being good Warmley Waiting Room will be open early especially. Public toilets should be open from 06:30. The finish will be about a mile away at The Hollybush Inn serving food all afternoon for cyclists. ADD MY EMAIL TO YOUR ADDRESSBOOK

Event Date and Location

100 km (104 km) in 8h19
08:00 to finish by 16:19
Starting from:
Warmley, Bristol
Closing Date:
Wed 16 Sep 2020
Please Note:
This is an updated event - the date has changed

PARENTAL CONSENT is required for entrants under 18 years of age. We are currently unable to accept online entries for non-member riders under the age of 18. If you are under 18, please complete a postal entry. Parents should note the information on the entry form and be aware that this is an individual ride without leaders.

Event Information

12.5-25 km/h
Audax Club Bristol
Audax Points:
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Organiser Information

Will Pomeroy

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hAAArd Cheese

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