Fixed Wheel FAQs

Certainly they do within the limitations of the rules

You have to do it yourself as there will quite possibly have been no-one else in a position to vouch for you, and it therefore has to be taken on trust.

You do for the SFW which is a SR Series within a season. For the FWC, it is not necessary. Some riders prefer to have a new one for each season, but that is their choice and I am happy for them to leave it until it is full or they have achieved the points to earn the award.

Not if it is just for an end of season claim towards the Fixed Wheel Trophy and inclusion in the Handbook – the less a Brevet Card is entrusted to the postal system, the less chance there is of it getting lost. A list of the completed rides and points attributable is wanted to check the final figure (usually that riders have claimed enough!) with the usual sae. If you want to send it by e-mail, that is even better, and usually quicker.

As the additional challenge presented by these schemes is essentially to find a satisfactory compromise to suit the terrain of each ride, a single gear freewheel machine is ineligible, as is a variable fixed hub gear such as a Sturmey Archer ASC or S3X. These latter two items also contravene the general minimalist ethos of the fixer. It is, however permissible to swap between each sprocket on a double-sided hub.