Top Tips for Audax Success

Top Tips:

1 Mile to Go signDistance to go 5 km signDistance to go 15 km 20 km to Go sign

Build up distances. If you can cycle one mile you can cycle 5km. If you can cycle 5km you can cycle 20 km.
Sitting comfortably

Be comfortable on the bike. Make sure it fits and there are minimum pressure points.

Blue T ShirtBlue T Shirt


Wear clothes that stretch and don't restrict. Lycra is ideal for this and dries quickly should it rain.

Layers - arm warmers, gilets and over-trousers pack small but protect from the elements when needed.


Water Tap

Stay hydrated. A minimum of two water bottles is recommended.

Plate Knife and Fork Stay fuelled. Eat well before the event. Keep supplies of snacks for when energy is depleted.
Bike with a Gold Star Look after the bike – keep it clean. Check the bike (tyres for pressure and pieces of glass, that the brakes work, and the chain runs smoothly) before the ride. Be self sufficient. Carry spare tubes, tyre levers, a set of allen keys, a puncture repair kit and a pump.
Cloud with lightening and heavy rain Beware of the weather. Check the forecast. Carry foldable items of clothing to combat the cold and the rain (even when it isn’t forecast)
Be seen. Keep lights and back up batteries ready for low visibility conditions even during the day.
Compass showing North North West Check navigation. Have the route and check each location. Have a back up plan if the Garmin fails.
Pin to mark the spot on a map Check the route before the ride and at each junction to stay on track.
Clock showing seven o'clock Keep an eye on the time. How long is being spent off the bike?
Computer Screen e.g. Garmin showing Speed Watch your speed. Maintain the event average without over exertion.
Different types of pedal powered machines

Ride at the pace that works for you. If others are riding at the same pace that’s great but there is no obligation to stay with someone who is going to reduce your overall speed. The ethos of Audax allows this to happen, meeting up with others at different stages of the event.

Mobile Phone not working Don’t rely on mobile phones always working. Keep emergency phone numbers written down should they be needed.
Bank Card Carry cash as well as a bank card for emergencies
Brevet Card and Pen The Brevet Card sometimes has questions that need answering en route. Keep it somewhere dry.
A few stretches after the ride will really help muscles recover.
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