Calendar Events

Most people's first experience of Audax is riding a Calendar Event as they are the perfect introduction to long-distance cycling, with distances starting from 50km, or just over 30 miles.

As the name implies, a Calendar Event takes place on a specified day with all riders starting at the same time. Once on the road, you can choose to ride in a group or solo and can set your own pace. The only rule is that you reach each of the controls within the time limit shown on the brevet card and, of course, get back to the finish - or "arrivee" in time.

Enrol in advance either online or by downloading the application form after which the event organiser will confirm your place (sometimes there are restrictions on numbers).

Most organisers set a final entry date of a week or two before an event, to give them time to prepare the brevet cards and arrange any food or drink that is being provided.  In some cases it is possible to enter on the day -  Entry On the Line - and this will be clearly shown on the Event Calendar.

The Event Organiser will confirm your entry and will forward the route sheet and/or gps file along with any details that may be useful or relevant for the day.

The Proof of Passage, the Brevet Card, will be provided at the start location. The locations of the "controls", along the way will be detailed on the Brevet card. 

Some may be manned, while others may require you to obtain a timed receipt from a shop, cafe or cash machine.

There may also be "information controls", which require you to answer a question (printed on your brevet card) about something of interest, such as a landmark or sign, at a specific point on the ride.

There is a smartphone app (E-Brevet) which is now offered on some calendar events, and can be used to provide "proof of passage" instead of receipts and info control answers. You can read more here.

At the end of the event you usually hand in your Brevet Card for validation. However for some rides designated as "postal finish" there may be no-one at the end to collect it - so as the name suggests you post it to the organiser, following these guidelines

All successful finishers will be listed on the results section of the web site. If you are a member, details your validated ride will also be added to your personal results record on the website and any points achieved added to your running total for the season.  

To celebrate the validated journey, badges and medals are available for purchase which also act as a reminder of the event and achievement.

See the current list of Calendar Events here

Please note that entry fees are not generally refundable or transferable - more details here.

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