Postal Finish Guidelines

So-called "postal finish" events allow the organisers the flexibility to have an Arrivée (finish control) that is unstaffed for all or part of its ‘opening hours’. 

Appendix 9.8.7 to the AUK regulations requires that the rider returns the completed brevet card to the organiser within 14 days. There may be occasions when the organiser needs to set an earlier deadline (such as in the run-up to PBP), and in such a case the organiser will make the earlier deadline known to all riders.

It is the rider’s responsibility to

a) make sure all the details on the cards are completed and all the necessary Proofs-of-Passage (P-o-P) are supplied (Appendix 9.8.6)

b) ensure the card arrives with the organiser within the deadline, by making sure that it carries sufficient postage and is sent in good time.

It is not the organiser’s responsibility to chase up any missing cards as the deadline approaches, nor is the organiser going to pay excess postage if the envelope with the card and all the receipts is more than 5 mm thick and should have had a Large Letter stamp.

It is the organiser’s responsibility to check all the P-o-P, complete the Finish list, the Organiser Return form, any accident reports and to mail all the cards together to the Validator immediately following the published deadline.

Organisers may want to make the process smoother by providing all riders with an SAE along with the brevet cards. The extra costs involved can be reflected in the entry fee.

It should be evident that it is in the rider’s interests to send their cards in as soon as possible after the event so that if the organiser should have any questions about the P-o-P or the detail filled in on the card they can be resolved before the deadline.

Once the cards have arrived with the Validator it is not possible to add any latecomers to the finish list. Submit your card late and your ride will not count!