Privacy Statement

Audax UK keeps membership records on computer.  The information held for each member is used to for the following:

  1. Mailing copies of the Arrivée magazine to members.
  2. Allowing members to enter events online.
  3. Allowing organisers to maintain lists of riders for their event.
  4. Recording event results and calculating various awards.

Details of non members who enter events are also held on computer. These details are used for items 2, 3 and 4 above.

Event results are published on this website which will make the following personal information publicly available:

  • Membership numbers, Names, Clubs, CTCs.

Some other personal information is stored securely online and may be used for calculation purposes, but is not published in any form, and can only be viewed by password-protected access, unless the member has agreed to this.

For example the event organiser can retrieve name, address, and email details for the riders that have entered an event they are organising.

Exceptions to the above occur where the member is also an Organiser, Committee Member or Delegate.

Audax UK Data Protection ICO Registration Certificate 2023