We are pleased to announce that the E-Brevet is now available for some permanent and calendar events, on both Android and iPhone. It offers contact free "proof of passage" via a smartphone app (it doesn't replace other forms of validation which will continue to be accepted).

The event details should indicate whether it is available for an event, but also check the organiser's information or ask them, as new events are being added all the time. If you want to use it for a perm, enter using the basic online option (not "by GPS").

Note that for calendar events control times must still be recorded on the brevet card afterwards.

Rider's instructions are available here. You can login to the E-brevet website using your normal AUK login name and password. There you will find links to the app downloads and an up to date list of events for which it is enabled. You can test it out with the  X1000 "Sofa Surfer" event - if you are planning to use it for an event we strongly recommend this. It will check that you have everything set up OK, including your email address (entering this incorrectly on the app will result in failure to upload a completed event!)

If you have any questions or issues when using the app please contact webcontent@audax.uk

Many thanks to all the testers and users who have contributed to the development of the app by providing lots of feedback and ideas over the last two years.