Calendar Event Validation Fees

Validation fees must be paid to the Validation Secretary prior to validation.

As of the season commencing 1st November 2022, the validation and associated fees are:

Brevet Cards

Unit Price

Normal Brevet Cards (first £10.00 of card cost included in registration)


Blank Brevet Cards


Coloured Brevet cards


Late Surcharge Brevet cards (if ordered less than 10 days before the event)



Validation Fees

Unit Price

Validation fee (for all Events inc BRM)


AUK temporary membership @ £3 (including all DNS/DNFs)


LRM Validation fee (per finisher, in addition to AUK validation fee). Exchange rate will be advised.




Unit Price

Thank you Certificates A4 coloured


Laminated Controle signs (reusable and waterproof)