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The AUK Members' Reunion is back...


The Reunion weekend is back, will be at the Aubrey Park Hotel near Hemel Hempstead, and is open for bookings

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Audax UK is the world's largest long-distance cycling club. Individual rides are non-competitive, although we set a (generous) time limit if you want to earn points for our annual championships or qualify for awards. Above all though, audax is about enjoying cycling, in the company of others or solo, and our routes are designed to help you do that. We organise rides in three formats, described below

Ride together

Calendar Events typically have between 20 and 150 riders. After a mass start, riders go at their own pace individually or in small groups. Distances vary from 50km to 1000+. Every year we have 100s of events. Follow the links for more details and the calendar of events


Ride when it suits you

Permanent Events are rides that you can start any time. You can ride on your own or with friends. Distances vary from 50km to 1000+ and there are hundreds of routes across the country, and a few overseas Follow the links for more details and the list of events


Ride your own route

DIY Events are rides where you design the route. You can ride on your own or with a group. You can choose any of the standard distances, and can record progress using gpx or by nominating controls. Follow the link for more information


If you're new to Audax, find out what it's all about here, then come and join us for a ride. Pictures here or go to (unfortunately the Facebook group is now private, but you can apply to join)

Audax UK is affiliated to the world-wide Audax organisation, and Audax UK riders can take part in international classic rides, such as Paris-Brest-Paris, where over 5000 riders from all over the world participate on a 1200km course. We have our own classic - London-Edinburgh-London, the next edition of which is coming up in 2025

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