For more details about ECEs check the questions below or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the AUK Forum (members only). If there have been recent changes the forum may be more up to date.

It is a ride that a rider can do from anywhere to and / or from an AUK calendar event in order to extend the total distance for validation. An ECE may not be used to extend a permanent event, please use the DIY option for this purpose.

An ECE can only be used to convert an AUK event to one which then meets the standard randonnee distances of 200 300 400 and 600 km; as well as distances of 500 700 and distances up to 1000km. Above that distance, the ride can be ridden and validated but becomes heavily dependent on the ECE leg and is likely to impact on the calendar event so should be considered carefully; ECEs rely on the goodwill of the event organiser.

You must specify controls that add up to the minimum distance on either viamichelin or Google Maps set to Walking, irrespective of the actual route you wish to take to and from the event. Alternatively use the Mandatory Route option id using a gpx track (see below.)
There is no need to ride any minimum distance before or after the calendar event, you may ride unequal legs to and from the event and even ride the whole ECE either before or after the calendar event. You must ride a minimum of:

  • 50km total to or from a 150km event (total 200)
  • 100km total to or from a 100km event (total 200)
  • 150km total to or from a 150km event (total 300)

thereafter 100km, 200km etc legs added to the standard distances of 200 300 400 and 600 km.

The ECE organiser has no access to the route details of most calendar events, and some, although overdistance on the route sheet, may in fact only be eg 100 200 etc km strictly between controls (which riders are allowed to ride, the route sheet being advisory only, even though it will almost always be the best route) therefore for card validation only the nominal distance of the calendar event (eg 100 150 200 etc) is accepted towards the total distance.

However, if an ECE is entered selecting the Mandatory Route option, by uploading a file of the intended route and gps validation is used, the complete ridden distance of the calendar event will count towards the total distance and thus a shorter extension is permitted in order to bring the complete distance up to that required. Please see point 18 for details.

The minimum speed of an ECE including the calendar event is

  • for events up to 699km - 14.3kph;
  • for events from 700 to 1299 km - 13.3kph;
  • for events from 1300 to 1899 km - 12kph;
  • for events from 1900 to 2499 km - 10kph;

The speeds of the calendar event must not be altered in any way. Depending on the minimum speed of the calendar event you will have varying amounts of time to complete the ECE legs, bear this in mind when planning as very slow calendar events (usually hilly ones) will require a faster ECE leg to complete the overall ride.

You must arrive at the calendar event no later than the advertised start time, but should allow at least 20-30 minutes to collect your brevet card meet other riders and enjoy the facilities. You must arrive at the finish between the opening and closing time as stated on the brevet card. You can depart the finish of the calendar event at any time but must allow sufficient time to complete the ECE.

See Q4 regarding the calendar event

An over distance ECE that is the minimum distance between controls is however allowed an extra time allowance for the ECE leg. Thus if it's 60km minimum distance between the ECE start and a 100km calendar event you will be allowed a time allowance based on 220km.

A receipt showing time and place at each control location; otherwise a unique stamp or signature that can be verified (mostly at the calendar event controls). Alternatively a gpx track of either the ECE legs or the total ride; emailed to the ECE organiser. ECE by GPS has the advantage of being able to start and finish the ECE leg absolutely anywhere.

The ECE card is retained by you and forwarded to the ECE Organiser with proof of passge at the end of the ride. It must be stamped or signed at the start and finish. The organiser may stamp both boxes at the finish if preferred. If the calendar event requires a receipt due to lack of a finish controller you must obtain a second receipt for the ECE.
The calendar brevet card is returned to the organiser in the same way as any other calendar event; it must not be returned to me as I am unable to do anything with it (other than return it to the organiser)

Events of less than 200km are worth 0 points. Therefore the ECE attracts all the points. Thus the points allocated for an ECE are;

  • 100+100ECE or 150+50ECE      0 calendar points   2 perm points
  • 150+150ECE         0 calendar points   3 perm points
  • 200+100ECE         2 calendar points   1 perm point
  • 100+200ECE         0 calendar points   3 perm points

Note that extensions of 50, 150, 250 etc km will appear in the results as 100km extensions (ie 150+50 will appear as 100+100; 150+150 will appear as 100+200) this is to keep the administraion of the website as simple as possible as the points work out exactly the same.
The AUK RRTY coordinator knows that ECEs count for RRTY and can see your results on the AUK website (the ECE always appears with the calendar event). For SR claims you may need to contact the AUK Recorder if the ECE does not automatically get picked up.

No. Each event requires a specific card which is not re-usable. I am no longer a DIY organiser so cannot "mix and match" if you have previously purchased DIY cards

However if you submit a gpx track of either the ECE leg or the whole ride there is no need for a paper ECE card and one will not be supplied. Please indicate with your entry that you wish to validate it by GPS and I will know not to send out a paper card (NB the entry fee is not refundable if you do not start or complete the ECE)

Preferably at least 14 days to allow route checking and return of the card. For less than 14 days it is usually OK as long as there is time to post a card to you before the event. ECE by GPS can be entered at very short notice (even as late as you are about to start the ride but must be entered before this time)

You should do out of courtesy if possible; although their event should not be impacted at all by your ECE if ridden within the rules.

The calendar event will still be validated if you have completed it within time; the two rides are separately entered and only combined if both are completed. You cannot however claim an ECE if you have not completed the calendar leg, this is because the AUK website will incorrectly credit you with distance points if you do, and also the ECE-only leg will be over the time allowed.

Yes; if the calendar event is advertised for AAA you will get full credit for this.
You can also get additional AAA provided a tracklog of the whole extended ride is submitted to the ECE Organiser
A minimum of 100 km must be eligible for AAA and this must include a proportion of the extension.
If an existing AAA calendar event is extended the additional AAA will be added to the ECE legs only. If the calendar event is below the threshold for AAA but the combined ECE is above; points will be allocated to the whole ride or an eligible 100km+ section of it.
AAA points must be requested at the time the tracklog is submitted, the ECE organiser will not check every gpx tracklog this way. 

Yes if it's a BRM / RM event that's recognised by AUK and is updated to the AUK website result; otherwise probably better going down the DIY perm route to get it validated

No. Although the AUK regulations have recently allowed their use on Brevets Populaire (generally rides of less than 200km) all ECE's are awarded as Brevets de Randonneur which does not permit the use of electrically assisted machines.

Yes but a gpx file of the complete extended ride intended to be ridden must be uploaded when entering the ECE. This file will be checked against the completed route (any unexpected deviations due to unforeseen circumstances on the day will be considered as favourably as possible).

If you have received confirmation of a Paypal payment your route is approved unless you hear from the ECE Organiser and there is no need to do anything apart from ride! 
If you have requested a traditional brevet it will be posted in time for the day of the event, please email the ECE Organiser if it's not arrived so that alternative arrangements can be made.

As long as you can obtain paper proof of passage at the control points in lieu of a gpx track the ride can be validated at no extra charge; if you have portions of tracks or photos at controls please contact the ECE Organiser and who will work with you to try to get the ride validated.

If you are sending the file directly from your gps device it must be a .gpx track. 
.fit files (the standard output from some Garmin devices) are not acceptable.
If you use Garmin Connect to extract your file there is a simple option to export the file as a .gpx, please use this. You can also do the same thing with Ride with GPS Strava etc
Links to rides logged with Ride with GPS, Garmin Connect Strava etc, are usually accepted; but they must be logged on your own account with these websites. You may be asked to produce the hardcopy .gpx file at some point so please hold onto it.

If you want AAA points for an ECE you need to submit the .gpx file not a link.

Yes of course; the date of the ride will be recorded as the same as the calendar event so please ensure you indicate it is a helper's ride with the gpx file so it gets allocated the right date. Helpers / organiser's rides should be ridden in the same month as the calendar event for RRTY / AAARTY awards.

Yes, they are calendar events and can be ECE'd in the normal way

By post:

On a standard AUK entry form to

Martin Malins
Room 2L22 Lab block
Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Road
W6 8RF

Please specify the name of the calendar event (and distance if there is more than one event with the same name) and the controls you wish to use to extend the ride somewhere on the form

The entry fee for postal entries is £4.50 which includes return postage of the ECE card, unlike calendar events (where every rider receives a brevet card) postal entries cause considerable extra administration hence the extra fee over online entry. The brevet card will be sent out about 7 days before the calendar event; if by any chance it does not arrive on time please contact me, you will still be able to ride the ECE without the card on the day.

Or online:

ECE's can now be entered directly from the AUK website. Please login to the AUK website, select the calendar event and click the "ECE this event" button. This will navigate you to a pre-filled ECE form from which you can choose various extra distance options. Once you have done this your entry is accepted.


There isn't a 50 km extension on the entry form, but you can do it. To convert a 150 km into a 200 km by riding an extra 50 km, choose a 100 km extension, or choose 200 km to convert a 150 km into a 300 km and so on.