The End to End rides

Perhaps the idea of riding from the western tip of Cornwall to almost the furthest most eastern place in northern Scotland (or vice versa) is not something that appeals to all cyclists. On saying that, there are quite a few who are willing to give it a go, so if you fancy it, here are four Audax versions to tempt you.

Notes: Riders must notify the Organiser of their intention to ride at least six weeks before their proposed start date.
Rides can be validated using complete GPX tracklogs.

To enter look under Mark Hummerstone on the Permanents page.


End to End - Brevet Randonneur - 1400km (minimum)
The classic End to End done in an Audax style.
Free route but the rider must cover a minimum of 1400km from tip to toe (or vice versa) of the UK in 4 days 20 hours and 40 minutes.


End to End - 7 x 200km Randonneur - 1400km (minimum)
A multi-day ride under Brevet Randonneur standards.
Riders have 240 hours (10 days) to get from tip to toe (or vice versa) of the UK. The overall time limit means that riders can incorporate rest days, but the ride will include at least 4 days where the following day will be spent in the saddle. ALL individual day stages MUST be at least 200km with suitable start, finish and intermediate controls. This means your overall ride will inevitably be quite a bit further than 1400km. Start/finish controls must be consecutive.


End to End - Brevet Populaire - 1300km (minimum)
The classic End to End, achievable at a pace the suits your needs.
Free route but riders must get from tip to toe (or vice versa) within 18 days 1 hours and 20 minutes. 
Note: This event does not count towards the AUK points championship.


Hummers Lumpy End to End - 1900km (minimum) - 29250m of ascent
A lumpy End to End: taking in some of the finest views available in Wales and England before hitting the spectacular west coast of Scotland.
At distances over 1900km, the required overall average speed reduces to 10km/h (or 190 hours for 1900km) which makes this seem temptingly achievable - apart from the lumps. 


There are very comprehensive additional details on all four rides here.

If you have any questions please email the Organiser