Perms by GPS - Rider Instructions

Not all Perms can be validated using proof of passage by GPS. It is up to the organiser to choose whether or not to offer this, and AUK asks them to do a little preparation beforehand.

How can I tell if I can use GPS proof of passage for the Perm I want to ride?

If the ride description includes this paragraph, then you can use GPS proof of passage.

"This permanent event can be validated by GPS. This is an option selectable by you during entry. This means that you would submit a ridden tracklog in place of paper proofs of passage."

For these events you will also see three different entry buttons - choose the one marked "Enter Online by GPS"

After the event go to the "Upcoming and Pending Events" section on your dashboard (the screen you see when you first login) and look for your ride. Expand the arrow to find the upload link for your track.

You can upload the following file types:

  • gpx
  • tcx
  • fit (which will be converted to tcx before processing)
  • zip (multiple gpx or tcx files)

The uploader link is specific to a particular entry - you can't use it for any other event, or for a second entry on the same event.

There is a file size limit of 1Mb.

Wahoo fit file are not accepted, because Wahoo have recently moved to a new fit2 format.
Zipped fit files may also cause problems even if they seem to have uploaded correctly.

For more on file size limits, and other upload problems see this page.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, you and the organiser will get a confirmation email, and the organiser will be able to validate your ride. Be patient, they may be away, or busy, so it may not happen for a few days.