Claiming AAA Awards

Grimpeur Medals

These medals can be ordered from the event organiser when handing in your brevet card at the end of an event. Or they can be ordered from the AUK Medals and Badges website.

Audax Altitude Award, 3x Award, 3x3 Award, AAASR, AAARTY and AAA Century awards

To claim one of these awards, wait until your points are listed in the Archive of Results section of the AUK website on the Individual Rides List pages then contact the AAA Secretary to have the Roll of Honour pages updated.  Once this has been done you can pruchase your badge(s) from the AUK Medals and Badges website.

If some of the qualifying points were on the old, pre-2009 AAA points basis, the total pre-2009 points can be converted to ‘new’ points by using the formula: Total ‘old’ points / 12 x 20 rounded down to the nearest quarter point = ‘new’ points.

If you would like to include points from events which are not listed on the AUK website, then evidence of completing the events would need to be provided, e.g. a copy of the brevet card, or an AAA Card (see Archive page for more about the AAA Card).