Audax Club Parisien (ACP) Awards


AUK members may also claim two awards administered by Audax Club Parisien - the Randonneur 5000, achieved over a four year period, and the Randonneur 10000, achieved over a 6 year period.

Full details of the requirements for these awards are published (in English) on the ACP website and you can download the rules from these links: 

Randonneur 5000

Randonneur 10000

You can download application forms for the R5000 and R10000 awards from the ACP website.

Enquiries about and applications for the awards must be sent to the AUK ACP Representative, who will compile and submit them to ACP. For completed applications these should be well before October 31st to allow the representative to check and forward them to ACP before that date. Medals and diplomas are issued the following January There is no charge to AUK members for this award.