Fixed Wheel Challenge and Awards


The Fixed Wheel Challenge aims to encourage and celebrate the growing number of members who ride such machines either for the additional challenge or because they appreciate their minimalist simplicity.

Points are achieved on the scale of 1 point for every complete 100km. AAA events carry a bonus equal to the AAA points allocated. All riders gaining 15 points or more in a single season are listed here. Riders with 25 points in a season attain the Fixed Wheel Challenge Award.

Additionally, a trophy is awarded to both the man and woman achieving the highest number of points in a single season. For more information see the fixed wheel FAQs and regulations.

The Super Fixed Wheel Award recognises the achievement of a Super Randonneur Series (1 x 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km rides) or the achievement of 20 AAA points on a fixed wheel bike in a single season. The names of all Super Fixed Wheelers for the previous season are here.