International Super Randonneur

The International Super Randonneur was established in 1989 by Sheila Simpson to encourage Randonneurs to take part in Randonneurs Mondiaux events overseas.

To become an International Super Randonneur, you need to complete a Super Randonneur series (i.e. 200, 300, 400 amd 600km) under the Randonneur Mondiaux code. Each ride must be in a different country. This can be done over any period of time. Elevated ISR awards are also recognised, for rides on different continents and of more than the minimum distance, for instance a rider completing three 600km rides in different countries in Europe and one 1000km in North America would be designated a 2 Continents International Super Randonneur 600.

This award is now managed by Les Randonneurs Mondiaux, the body responsible for registering ultra long distance cycling events all over the world. For queries contact the ACP Represtentative