Randonneur Round the Year (RRtY)


One of the tougher challenges on offer, RRtY requires a BR or BRM event in each of 12 successive calendar months. Calendar rides, Perms and DIYs of at least 200km completed at Randonneur pace can be included and you can start in any month, but miss a month and you have to start all over again.

There are also awards for RRtY x 5 and the Ultra RRtY for x 10.

Note that each series of 12 rides may be consecutive, simultaneous or separated by a 'gap month' or several, but you can't count the same ride twice! And long rides only count once even if they span more than one calendar month. All covered in the FAQs here.

The RRtY is not awarded automatically; for details of how to claim and to order a badge, click here.

For the Roll of Honour, click here.

For the history of the award click here.

There is also a AAA version (the AAARtY) now available - the same rides can count for both awards. More details here.