RRtY Claims and badges

The RRtY is not awarded automatically. Make your claim as follows:

  • Check that your qualifying rides are listed correctly on your Individual Results list
  • Fill in the claim form
  • Or send a list of qualifying events (name, date) to Grant Huggins, 76 Bryony Close, Witham, Essex, CM8 2XF.

If any of the details are wrong on your Individual Results list you can send a photocopy of the relevant Perm Brevet card, ensuring that the validation number and the date of the event are clearly indicated.

Get the Badges

  • You can order the RRtY badges from the Audax Shop 
  • Badges are available for the first RRtY and then for RRtYx5 and the Ultra-RRtY (RRtYx10)