Add a Missing Event to My Record

An AUK event that I completed this season is missing from my member record and I would like it added.

I will need to provide: event code, AUK Number (if any) and name.

Your name may be included in the validated results as a non-member. To check this, open the results screen , choose "Single Event Rider List" and enter the event code (e.g. 23-nnn) and search for your name - the membership number will be shown as "Non Member". In this case, if the "provisional" field is blank (i.e. the ride has been validated), then please return this form. If it is there but marked provisional = "Y", please wait for four weeks after the event date for validation to be completed and then send it (please check again before submitting the form).

If your name does not appear at all,  but results for other riders are there, please submit the form - additional evidence of completion may be requested.

Adding to the record can only take place after the validation is complete and before the end of the season.  Only in exceptional circumstances can events be added for previous seasons.

For Overseas events use this form instead