Join Audax UK

Become a member of Audax UK and discover the opportunities and benefits of the world's largest long distance cycling club.

  • Lower entry cost for events (no need to pay a non-member supplement)
  • Online results and points for validated events
  • Arrivée, Audax UK's quarterly magazine
  • Priority entry to London-Edinburgh-London and other prestigious events
  • Inclusion of your results in the Audax UK Awards and Championships structure
  • The opportunity to become an event organiser
  • Invitation to the Annual Reunion
  • Access to the members-only web Forum


Membership Fee Options

  • The standard UK subscription is £20 for one year, £40 for two years or £80 for five years (5 for 4). Household membership is £6 to £7 per year for up to four years,  and £28 for five years.
  • From 15/07/24 this is reduced for the rest of the calendar year to £14 (one year ie to 31/12/24), £30 (2 years – to 31/12/25) and £74 (5 years) for UK members, with corresponding reductions for overseas members. From 15/07/24 household membership will be £3 for the rest of 2024 - so the same as one non-member event entry supplement.
  • New or re-joining lapsed members (from 1st March) will have a one-off £5 joining fee added to their subscription to cover admin and sending a recent issue of Arrivee magazine (usually the latest one, but we can’t promise that every time)
  • Already entered an event as a non-member? If so and it was after 01/10/23, we can provide a discount code so your supplement is effectively refunded when you join. If you have not been provided with a code by the event organiser then contact
  • Overseas postal surcharge of £9 per annum.
  • Our membership year runs from January to December, but if you join later in the year we reduce the fees (from mid July), and those joining from October 1st will be subscribed through to the end of the following year.
  • More than one cyclist in the house? Household membership is available for £7 per year or £28 for five years (no joining fee) per additional person sharing an address. Each member gets the same benefits as a standard member, but only one copy of Arrivee is sent to the address. 
  • Life membership is available, free, to anyone over 65 who has been a paying Audax UK member continuously for 10 years, with a charge of £12 per year to receive 4 copies of Arrivee each year (+ postal supplement if overseas)

To join:

a) If you already have an account having registered as a non-member:

  1. Logon to your account and click on the "Membership subscription" button
  2. Choose your subscription type then pay via Direct Debit or credit/debit card or Paypal
  3. You can add anyone as a household member who does not already have their own account. To add someone also registered as a non-member contact to get the accounts linked.

b) If you have not registered with us previously:

  1. Register using the Online Membership Form (just the main member at this stage if you want to include household members)
  2. Wait for your verification email and activate your account
  3. Choose your subscription type and add any household members, then pay via Direct Debit or credit/debit card or Paypal

Or alternatively you can print the form and post it to the membership secretary along with a cheque.

Register and join now

Overseas applicants are very welcome and can pay fees online via credit/debit card or PayPal.



If you have been a member in the past and want to rejoin, you may be able to have your old membership number back, which will reunite you with your previous history.

  • If you were registered with an email address you can still access and can remember your old password, then login and continue to pay your subscription
  • If you were registered with an email address you can still access but can't remember your password, you can request a password reset and then login and continue to pay your subscription
  • If you can't remember which email address you registered with us previously or know that it was an email address you can no longer access, please contact the Membership Secretary (don't continue through the joining process as that will result in a new membership number and additional admin on our side!)
  • If you had no email address registered but can remember your number and password then try logging on with (number)@member.auk (eg 12315@member.auk) - you can then pay your subscription and amend your record to add an email address if you now have one
  • If you had no email address registered and can't remember your number and/or password, please contact the Membership Secretary
  • If you had household members previously linked to your record then you can rejoin with them or remove them from your membership as part of the subscription process (or add new household members)


Need some help?

Please contact the Membership Secretary:

  • For any other rejoining queries - we like to help you to get back your old number if we can!
  • If you need to pay by some other means than Direct Debit, credit/debit card, Paypal or cheque
  • If you want to combine two individual memberships into a household or want to split an existing household into separate individual memberships - we can help work out the right payment options for you

We have comprehensive membership FAQs here

Non-members can ride AUK events. However, a surcharge of £3.00 per event will be levied on all but Cycling UK members, to provide temporary membership for the duration of the ride.

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