Arrivée magazine

Arrivée is Audax UK's quarterly magazine, with over 50 pages of articles, photos, letters, news and information, available to members of Audax UK.  Arrivée is mailed to the membership each March, June, September and December.

We have some previous issues of Arrivée on line - choose from the linke below. Thanks to work by a group of volunteers we now have an index to some of the old issues. For now (until we work out a neater way to do it!) you need to open this spreadsheet and then you can search in various ways - for example by author, by ride name and by some hashtags such as #lel, #equipment, #rrty.  It doesn't cover all issues yet, so if you would like to have a go at one or more that aren't on the list then please contact membership@audax.

Please note there are currently some problems with viewing the back issues of the magazine from the links on this page. We are working on this and hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.

We also have an archive page showing covers of Arrivee through the years

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