Expenses Policy


The purpose of this policy is to lay out when expenses can be claimed and how the claim should be made.


Audax United Kingdom Long Distance Cyclists’ Association (AUK) will reimburse directors, delegates, members and volunteers for receipted costs incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of their duties for AUK.

  1. This is so that no taxable benefit arises on the recipient.
  2. Delegates, members and volunteers can rely on carrying out the instructions of a director of AUK to fulfil the required wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of their duties for AUK.
  3. Directors must act within the Financial Mandate for themselves, but for their delegates, members and volunteers who are acting on their instruction the financial mandate limits apply to the delegate, members and volunteers themselves and not to the authorising director.
  4. Should a receipt be not available then it is the director’s responsibility to ascertain whether the claim is reasonable and should be allowed, in conjunction with a second director of AUK, usually the Finance Director.
  5. Mileage can be claimed at 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p per mile thereafter for all cars or vans be they electric, petrol or diesel. Bicycle mileage can be claimed at 20p per mile.
  6. Recurring regular & expected expenses of delegates (for example toner cartridges for the Brevet Card printer, or postage and stationery for medals and badges) are covered by the Financial Mandate.

When to claim

  1. Expenses can only be claimed after the expense has been incurred.
  2. There are no time limits or financial cut offs for the claim. The claim will appear in the accounts on the date it is received by accounts and not when it was incurred.

How to Claim

  1. Claims by delegates, members or volunteers must be made to the director who was responsible for them and their actions.
  2. The director on receipt of delegate, members or volunteers expense claim must ensure that the claim is reasonable and then pass the claim onto the Finance Director by email/post or by hand.
  3. The claim can be in any format but must be accompanied by original receipts or electronic files of images of the receipt. Missing receipts must be highlighted and a reason given why they are not available.
  4. Directors Expenses for such items as travel to Board Meetings, hire of rooms for AUK meetings, travel to AUK associated bodies overseas as well as stationery and post, amongst other expenses, will be considered to be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of their duties for AUK once a second director has authorised the claim. The second director may be the Finance Director.
  5. The claim will be paid electronically into a bank account nominated by the claimant.

This policy was approved by the Board of Directors of Audax UK on 16 March 2024. It will be subject to annual review by the Board of Directors.