Adding participation in non-AUK/ACP/RM events to AUK member records

There are a number of events organised on similar lines to AUK Brevets but organised outside the structure of AUK, LRM or ACP.  Examples include HBKH 1500km organised by Audax Club Schleswig Holstein, Germany; the Vätternrundan 300km, a formally organised non-commercial event in Sweden, and the Dunwich Dynamo, an informal event in the UK.

AUK members wishing to add completion of such events to their AUK results record will need to register them in advance as DIY events with one of the DIY organisers and subsequently submit the relevant “Proof of Passage” for validation just as with any other DIY ride.

DIY organisers will only accept such events if they conform with similar standards to AUK events, so they must be non-competitive, have recognised controls that ensure the registered distance is completed, and support is not provided on the route.

Where the event organising body provides a Brevet card or similar with timed stamps at each control this may be accepted as proof-of-passage (and completion) for the entire event, otherwise riders will need to provide their own timed proofs-of-passage such as receipts or GPX tracklog just as for any other DIY

What to do next:
If there is an event you would like to register as an AUK brevet, submit a DIY application, specifying the controls as usual. Include details about the ‘other’ event in the additional information area of the application form (name, distance, website, etc.). This will enable the DIY organiser to confirm that event is indeed suitable for registration as an AUK DIY ride.  Please allow a reasonable time for this to avoid disappointment should the application be rejected.


Q1: Why do I have to provide details of controls?

A1: Controls are an intrinsic part of every AUK audax ride.


Q2: I’ve completed the ride, but didn’t make a DIY application in advance. Can it still be added to my record?

A2: Sorry, no. All AUK events must be entered in advance.


Q3: How do I find out about the event controls?

A3: Ask the event organiser.


Q4: What if the event doesn’t have AUK style controls or the controls do not satisfy AUK requirements?

A4: Define your own. This is straightforward for GPS DIY Permanents.


Q5: Can the ‘other’ event controllers simply sign my AUK DIY Brevet Card?

A5: No; you will need to provide some form of independently verifiable proof of passage, i.e., a receipt, GPX track or (subject to prior agreement), proof of completing the event from the ‘other’ event organiser.


Q6: This all seems a lot of work!

A6: Well, from AUK’s perspective, it is ‘business as usual’ for setting up an AUK DIY ride.
This ensures your Brevet complies with AUK regulations, standards and administrative processes. The additional effort arises from the need to obtain relevant information about the proposed ride route and controls from the ‘other’ event organiser to support your AUK DIY application.


If this seems like too much bother, then don’t! Enter the event and enjoy your ride.  It will be just as much fun, it simply will not form part of your AUK palmarès. Hopefully, regular 'DIYers' will find the process of registering a ride including another event quite straightforward, and the DIY organisers can advise on that, but it is up to individual riders to research their ride as required to support the application.