AAA Points

An AAA event scores one AAA point for every thousand metres of climbing, rounded to the nearest quarter point. So for example, events that do 1,875m - 2,124m of climbing are worth 2 AAA points but events that do 2,125m - 2,374m of climbing are worth 2.25 AAA points.

To qualify for AAA, an event must be hilly enough. Hilliness is measured by the rate of climbing which varies with the event distance, and is based on the original AAA formula thresholds:

  • 100km or less, 15m/km
  • 200km, 14m/km
  • 300km, 13.33m/km
  • 400km, 12.75m/km
  • 600km or more, 11.67m/km

These rates of climb are then linearly interpolated for any intermediate distances. The following table shows some example distances (AAA formula thresholds highlighted in bold) and the amount of AAA points they would attract if they just qualified at the minimum amount of climbing:

Distance Min. Climb Threshold Rate AAA Points
50km 750m 15.00m/km 0.75
100km 1500m 15.00m/km 1.50
150km 2175m 14.50m/km 2.25
200km 2800m 14.00m/km 2.75
250km 3417m 13.67m/km 3.50
300km 4000m 13.33m/km 4.00
350km 4565m 13.04m/km 4.50
400km 5100m 12.75m/km 5.00
500km 6104m 12.21m/km 6.00
600km 7000m 11.67m/km 7.00
1000km 11667m 11.67m/km 11.75

If the whole event doesn't qualify for AAA points, then a section consisting of a minimum of 100km or more may do so. One section only of the event may be counted. Calendar and permanent events like this have both the total climb and the AAA section climb (with corresponding points for the section) recorded on the event page. If an event is shorter than 100km, then the whole event has to qualify.

Assessing Climbing

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