AAA Events

Calendar and traditional Permanent Events can have AAA points. The organiser should provide the AAA Secretary, with route details (a tracklog, or a link to the route's webpage) at the event planning stage to work out climbing and AAA points, and the AAA delegate will add them to the event page. Route changes which affect climbing should be dealt with in the same way.

DIY by GPS Events can have AAA points. The tracklog from riding the event should be submitted to the DIY organiser for validation in the normal way, together with a request for AAA points to be assessed. The DIY organiser will forward the tracklog to the AAA delegate to work out climbing and add any AAA points to the result on the website.

Normal AAA rules apply, and the AAA points count towards all the AAA awards. There’s no need to add controls to “prove the climbing”, which will be worked out from the actual route recorded in the tracklog.

More information about DIY by GPS can be found here.

Ordinary DIY Events based on brevet cards are not eligible for AAA points, unless a tracklog recorded whilst riding the event can be provided, which can then be assessed as above.

Extended Calendar Events can have AAA points. A GPS tracklog is required for the whole event, i.e. the extension(s) and the calendar event, which is submitted after the event as normal to the ECE organiser, with a request for the AAA points to be assessed. The ECE organiser will forward the tracklog to the AAA delegate to work out climbing and record any AAA points against the result on the website.

The whole event will be treated as one entity. AAA points will be worked out for the whole event (or if it's not hilly enough for a continuous section of 100km or more) and recorded against the ECE part of the result on the website, after deducting any AAA points recorded against the calendar event part.

Overseas Events can have AAA points, either by entering them as a DIY by GPS, or in the case of BRM events recorded on the AUK website by a request to the AAA delegate to assess climbing and AAA points. Evidence of the climbing will be required, either from the organiser's website or from a tracklog from riding the event.

Grimpeur and Super Grimpeur Events. An event with AAA points can be called a "Grimpeur", and can be of Bronze, Silver or Gold standard according to the table below. An event which is of Gold standard can be called a "Super Grimpeur". Successful riders may buy the corresponding Grimpeur medals.

Event   AAA Points  
Distance Bronze Silver Gold
50km Less than 1 1 or more n/a
100km Less than 2 2 or more 2½ or more
200km Less than 3 3 or more 3½ or more
300km or more n/a n/a 4 or more

A Gold Grimpeur medal is not available for 50km events - this is after all a long distance cycling club.

Any number of AAA points up to 3 are enough for a Bronze medal in a 200km event, and any number up to 4 are enough for a Silver medal in a 300km event or longer.

To buy one of these Grimpeur medals, click here. Silver and Gold are shown below:

 Silver Grimpeur Medal