It stands for Randonneur Round the Year, awarded to those riding a Randonneur event in each of any consecutive 12 months.

No, you can start in any month. Most people don't even notice that they've started an RRtY at first, and only come to the realisation several months in.

Any that are listed on your Individual Results list, provided it has been awarded at least 2 points.

Yes. RRtY is an award open only to AUK members. We use the member’s Individual Results List when verifying your claim. However, once you are a member, you may be able to include rides completed before your membership started by asking the Recorder to add them to your results list in advance of making your RRtY claim. See also http://www.aukweb.net/aboutauk/faq/#331

As soon as your qualifying rides are listed on your Individual Results list, even if only marked as provisional.

There are three! There is a badge for a single RRtY, one for RRtYx5, and the Ultra RRtY badge for 10 or more.

You can request the Recorder to add events to add events to your Individual Results list if they are in the season in which you joined AUK (see also the general FAQs). Once these events are in your results list you can use them as part of your RRtY claim.

Yes, we've had successful claims from people riding just Perms, and others using just Calendar events - it's a debatable point which might be the more challenging method. Most riders use a mixture of Perms and Calendar Events.

Yes, if you can face the same ride over again. Margaret Phillpotts has the distinction of riding the Dorset Delight 200 every month during 2008.

Of course, provided it's at BR (Brevet Randonneur), at BRM (Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux) or at RM (Randonneur Mondiaux) standard.

Yes, as both count towards AUK awards.

No, nor any other rides that don't have BR, BRM or LRM homologation.

Again, no as these also don't have BR, BRM or LRM homologation.

Overseas events cannot be used directly as part of your claim but provided they are homologated as BRM or RM, you can ask for them to be added to your Individual Results List (how?) and they can then be used in your 12 month series.

Yes, although you need to complete at least 360km to meet the minimum 15kph requirement for Brevet de Randonnee standard.

Yes, but you will need to pre-register and ride an Extended Calendar Event (ECE) to make up the distance to at least 200km. The ECE should show on your Individual Results list with at least 2 points.

Yes, either by running straight on after completing your first RRtY or you could have a break between (but not during) different series.

Yes, but you can't count the same event twice. And note that a 400 counts (for the purposes of RRtY) as a single event rather than 2 x 200 rides.

By default, it counts as the month when the event started. However, if you can demonstrate that you rode at least 200km in the following month then it can be accepted as an RRtY counter for that month instead. Note that the one ride can only be counted for one month for RRtY purposes!

A number of people used LEL 2013 for their August RRtY qualifier, despite the fact that it started on 28th July; they had to demonstrate that they had ridden at least 200km in August by controlling at Kirton (1200km) no earlier than 1st August.

Yes, we've had several claims which have used rides at 300, 400 and 600km; but do remember each event, however long can count only once.

AUK seems to attract those who like to - how can we put this? - test the limits to which regulations can be pushed, and we've had people completing RRtYs by Tandem, on Fixed, on a Trike, on a Recumbent or even (in Linda Johnston's case) backwards. No-one has (as yet) claimed a Randonneur Round the World, by cycling 12 events in England, Wales, Ecosse, Kernow, Northern Ireland, France, Bulgaria, USA, Oz, Canada, Italy, Belgium etc (but they must all be BR/BRM/LRM). Or how about a fancy dress RRtY with a different costume per event? Photographs essential!