Permanent Events

Many start points and controls for permanent events are not recorded centrally by AUK at present. Note that the postcode search option may miss some rides, because the reference data needs to be updated. We are working to improve this - it should locate the majority of rides however.

To help riders identify events in their area, AUK member Phil Whitehurst, has created a website that aims to show the locations of the start points and controls of many Permanents. This is based on riders' contributions, and is not yet complete.

Some organisers will accept a GPS track as proof of passage. More information about how to check whether a ride is offered with GPS validation and how to use this option here.

There is a smartphone app called E-Brevet which is being offered now by some organisers as an alternative proof of passage. If available this will be indicated in the event description. More information here. Please note that you must still enter the event before riding and preferably notify the organiser that you intend to use this.

Parents or Guardians with members under 18 in their household can enter online on their behalf. Under 18s can enter online themselves but will need to have a consent form signed by their parent/guardian. This can be sent by post, or your organiser may be happy with a scanned form sent by email - please check.

Key to Award Distances:

If you would prefer to enter rides by post or the organiser only accepts postal entries, there is a button within each event page to create a pre-filled form. Note that this option may be de-activated if the organiser has turned off postal entries. A blank entry form is also available here, together with the Under 18 consent form if required.

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