OCD Claim form

Use this claim form as many times as you need. 
If you have a long or complex claim, you may prefer to send an attachment (eg Excel) to rod.dalitz@me.com but in that case please remember to include your name and AUK membership number.
Please be sure to read and understand OCD's general claim rules
Just start with the date ridden (as near as you can remember it!) then a line for each col -
height claimed (metres), location (eg, S French Alps), name of col (eg, Allos), any comments.
Then on to the next date as per example below:

2240m, S French Alps, Allos
2095m, S French Alps, Champs, quiet, underrated col!

1120m, Provence-Alps, Toutes Aures
967m, Provence, Illoire, S side of Grand Canyon Verdon, NOT the highest point on this road! - it peaks at 1238m!
724m, Provence, un-named? col, D952 NW of Moustieres (43.8549,6.1913 - height from GPS tracklog)

Don't forget to keep a copy of the claim text for yourself in case of any queries