Ordre des Cols Durs

Ordre des Cols Durs - OCD
The French OCD was founded in 1960, to promote cyclo-climbing.
OCD UK was formed as the English-language equivalent, and has members all over the world, including USA and New Zealand.


The Aims of the OCD
To encourage riding in mountains. To offer a challenge to long-distance riders, and to those who do not enjoy timed events but who enjoy cyclo-climbing and descending mountain passes.

OCD Claims

  • Claims are simply an accumulation of the metric heights of each col or mountain top climbed with a bicycle or similar machine.  The claimable figure is the actual height at each location, in metres above sea level - regardless of the height the climb started from.
  • A col (or pass) is defined as having higher ground to both sides, and drainage to a different river ahead and behind. See to the right for a classic example.
  • A mountain top must be a summit, like Mont Ventoux, not just a high point like Alpe d’Huez.
  • There is no minimum time for climbing any col.
  • It is permissible to carry the machine, for example over snow or boulder fields, but the machine must reach the col or summit.
  • The descent may retrace the ascent.
  • A col may be claimed only if there is at least 100m ascent since the previous col or starting point.
  • Cols under 300m are not normally claimed, though cols over 200m on islands are acceptable, climbed from sea level.
  • A member may claim any individual col (or summit) only once in one riding day.
  • A member may claim any individual col (or summit) no more than five times in a year.
  • Claims are on the honour system, with no evidence required.  
  • Claims for col points should be submitted annually, by January 1st, and a list will be published in the Arrivée following.
  • Claim Form is here

Recognition in the form of a certificate is sent to a member on attaining the grades:

  • Officer with 100,000m.
  • Commander with 200,000m.
  • Honourable with 500,000m.
  • Venerable with 1,000,000 metres, 10 members at present.
    (Currently there are two members with over 2,000,000m.)

There are a number of guides available, paper copies for many countries (not updated) and on a website for
the Alps and Pyrenees. Contact the OCD delegate for further information.

OCD Delegate
Rod Dalitz.  You can contact Rod via the Contact Us page, or make a claim using the Claim Form.