Membership renewals

You can now renew online if your membership runs out on Dec 31st. One, two and five year options are available. If you are not sure whether you have a direct debit or not you can check via the "Membership details" option - scroll right down to the bottom of the page. If you do, we will take care of your renewal in early December.

If you want to add a new household member to your subscription for 2024 then you can do that as part of renewal - although if your new household is already registered with AUK then you need to mail to request your accounts are linked before you renew.

Please note that you may see a message that your household member needs renewing but your membership does not - as you can choose a shorter (but not longer) term of membership for your household the expiry dates are not always the same.

If you are using your AUK membership to guarantee your place for LEL 2025 then (unless you have a direct debit) why not renew now rather than risk forgetting to do it!