Do It Yourself (DIY) Events

DIY events allow riders to plan and schedule their own events and still have them validated by Audax UK. They are great for riders whose other commitments make it difficult for them to join Calendar Events or may not have suitable Permanent Events near their location.  

One key difference is that whereas most Calendar and Permanent Events are circular routes, returning to the start point, a DIY may be a one-way trip. The annual visit to the cousins might be a lot more pleasant if you know you've got a great ride home to look forward to!

You can choose not only the date of your ride but the route itself and all of the controls along the way. For maximum flexibility, it's possible to plan the ride as a Traditional DIY, an Advisory DIY by GPS or a Mandatory DIY by GPS. In each case you submit your ride details in advance. For traditional and advisory route by GPS the shortest distance between controls is what counts, not the actual route you intend to ride. The usual way to assess this is using Google maps set to walking mode - but if in doubt consult your DIY organiser for guidance. For mandatory by GPS the planned route distance counts. More information on route planning here.

Your DIY ride does not even have to be in the UK - many AUK members have ridden in other countries.

You will need a Brevet Card (real or virtual) in advance of the event, the fee includes the DIY entry form. These can be purchased via the DIY Events Page


Traditional DIY


Traditional DIYs are the original method for completing an event. On the day you collect proof of passage through your controls in the form of time and date stamped receipts from cafes, shops, garages or cash machines. You can choose any route between your controls. 
Good for: People without GPS! Riders who enjoy cafe stops

Advisory Route by GPS


Advisory by GPS routes are defined by the list of controls. Instead of collecting paper proof of passage, you submit your GPS track log to show you passed through the controls. As for traditional DIY riders are free to go whichever way they want on the day.
Good for: GPS equipped riders who like some flexibility on their route

Mandatory Route by GPS


Mandatory by GPS routes are defined by a list of controls and the route between them. To obtain validation, a GPX file of the proposed route must be provided with the entry and upon completion the GPS track should be uploaded to the validation tool on
Good for: devising routes avoiding main roads and riders confident in their GPS reliability!

DIY Quick Check

  1. Decide which type, Advisory GPS, Mandatory GPS or Traditional 
  2. Purchase a Brevet Card, the cost of which includes entry fee. Please note that the organiser who supplies the Brevet Card has to be the event validator.
  3. Plan the route including location of the controls – ensure it is of the required Award distance (50km, 100km, 150km, 200km and increments of 100km thereafter).
  4. Complete the Entry Form and submit details of the route and the date. Note – if requested, the organiser will check the route.
  5. The completed event details are required by the organiser within two weeks of the date of the ride


For a comprehensive set of FAQs click here